Show UP Strategy Testimonies:

Success Stories

Pastor Cheeka Hunt is an amazing Strategy Coach, who creates a space that allows you to be vulnerable and transparent while you work through your truth. It is through her coaching techniques and strategies, that I have been successful in taking steps to release my past,embracing it and utilizing it's purpose to catapult me to the next place in my life.  She has help me finally realize the value and importance of forgiveness and how necessary it is to for my growth and development and as I move forward in building future relationships personally and in business.  Coach C's tools and concepts have assisted me in immediately taking action in bringing balance and focus in the areas of my personal and professional life, and outlining and reaching my goals...

Lakeidru Blaylock 

“I have been a manager for a number of years and thought I had been on every coaching & management books ever written. Pastor Cheeka Hunt coaching was different in that it utilized some things I knew and some things I didn’t know.  She provided application by using the word of God to achieve an unbelievable outcome.” Lady Patricia Anderson

What can’t I say about Coach Cheeka! She is amazing and has a plethora of influential intellect of God’s word and how she uses it pour into others.  She incorporates the word, as well as, her own life experiences in the process in aiding to heal the broken hearted and to those that “stuck” in yesterday.  I have had the pleasure of sitting under her coaching and allowing her to use what God gave her to assist in propelling me into the next realm of my destiny.  I am so grateful for her pitfalls and testimonies, because they have assisted me into ridding myself of the baggage that came back to haunt me.   I don’t have the words to describe what blessing she has been to me.  I couldn’t be more grateful for God allowing us to cross paths again.  It was at the right time, HIS TIMING!  It’s because of her I “SHOWED UP” for my life one more time.  Again, Pastor Hunt you have been and AMAZING COACH to me and because of you, I AM MOVING FORWARD!  I thank you from the depts of my little ole bitty heart!,, Lachetia Wortham